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Gary Taylor

Weekdays 12-6AM ET

The Wake Up with Dougie Fresh

Weekdays 6-10AM ET

It’s the best way to start the morning! Tune in to The Wake Up every morning for your daily dose of country music and entertainment news. Join Dougie Fresh for Celebrity Birthdays, the Nashville Minute, and for a little humor, catch the Dumbass of the Day, where Fresh shares a hilarious story of someone who made a not-so-smart decision.

Hillary Kelsey

Weekdays 10AM-2PM ET


Weekdays 2-7PM ET

David Rice

Weekdays 7PM-12AM ET

DJ Tim

Weekends 12-6AM ET

Jackson Harris

Weekends 6-10AM ET

Double K

Weekends 10AM-2PM ET

Adam Aleman

Weekends 2-7PM ET

Miss Delanne

Weekends 7PM-12AM ET

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